Premium. Crafted. Apparel.

The art of creating well made clothing that feels good on your skin, goes easy on your wallet, and is candy for your eyes.

Founded in 2021 by Santa Monica mom of two and architectural designer Tiffany Ashrafi, Premium Crafted Apparel is exactly what it sounds like: stylish loungewear thoughtfully crafted with fine fabrics, tailored with precise stitching, and guaranteed to last.

No more tearing apart your closet to find something that looks and feels good - we've made your daily outfit decision easy. Designed for the demands of being a modern super-mom, our hoodies and joggers are simply the softest, coziest, most flattering loungewear around.

From the supermarket to the gym (and hopefully the couch once the kids are asleep!), our cute, versatile sweats give you the confidence to conquer anything, morning to night.

My Story

I’d like to say I’m busy. Busy trying to raise two strong, smart, & kind women. Busy with my day job as an architectural interior designer. And busy being a wife, daughter, sister, and friend.

With all that going on, I don’t have a lot of bandwidth for “me.” That means I really appreciate items that are well-made, simple, and give me a sense of confidence - in other words, anything that helps the inner and outer “me” shine through.

That's why I created MY ideal loungewear collection that fits my super-mom lifestyle while showing off my style.

So kick off those heels, unzip your a-line skirt, and join my ultimate level of comfort in a pair of my favorite joggers and matching hoodie 😍

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Questions? Concerns? Suggestions? Let me know - I answer every email personally!

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